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Communication project

April 11, 2008

While brainstorming about our class discussion and thinking about different communication tactics, I decided it would be best to blog about it and get my ideas out there.

There are so many great different ways to get your clients involved in the company. I loved the example that Harvey gave with the Nike shoe example and letting people design there own shoe.  They feel like they have control over a huge corporation.

I wish there was something this easy to use with Flint Hills Community Health Clinic but, there is not for several reasons. 1. a Health org. is limited on what it can involve people with b/c of privacy and health code reasons. 2. FHCC does not have all the money in the world to come up with cool, new, creative ideas.

I think something small they can do is get a website, so that people can interact.  Also something simple like filling out a survey when people come in can make them feel like they have a change.  Unless people are coming into the clinic it is hard to get them involved because you don’t know EXACTLY who your clients are on a consistent basis.

That is all the ideas I have for now, hopefully I can do some more on line research and maybe add more to my blog later.


Weekly Update

March 14, 2008

I have finally made contact with the board members this week, and this really helped to to understand FHCC better. I talked to the Pres. of the board and he helped get the clinic started, we discussed newsletters for awhile and I found out he had never gotten one. I think this newsletter is SO key!! We discussed what might be better between email and snail mail and there are several benefits to both.  Email would be very cost efficient especially being a free clinic, but, most of their public’s are older and do not use email. I would say BOTH! It is not going to cost anything to send an email too.

The chairman of the board was very friendly and really wanted the best for the clinic. I think he is very excited about the diabetes part of the clinic.  We got into fund-raising a little bit, and thinks they really need to have some type of an event.

I got the feeling that the board doesn’t have GREAT communication with the rest of the clinic including donors and volunteers.

We have got our branding project done and I am excited to see the final result on paper along with everyone else’s.


March 11, 2008

Our branding project came a long way this week, we have it pretty much done. We need to work on getting it mated and displayed nicely. I think that our slogan and logo will work nicely with the “health clinic” world.

We have also been interviewing some of the board members with FHCC, this has been very interesting.  They are very friendly and nice and have been cooperating with us, great. I think that they may be “stuck” in their ways about a few things, but really want to help FHCC. Meghan talked a little bit about some fund-raising ideas and she mentioned they were hard to get ideas past, since a lot of them our ministers. 

I think that we will have a better idea of where we need to go and what we need to do, after we get everyone interviewed.


March 1, 2008

We discussed public’s last week in class, and I really started to realize how important it is to categorize your public’s.  I think this is especially true with FHCC. It’s hard because Meghan said they did not want to get more patients, but they really need more volunteers and donors.  It is very important to whom you put into what category because you want to give the most important people the most attention.

I think that Mercy Regional is def. a primary public, as are the people who donate money.  I think that the board, and the other workers are secondary publics.

I think the patients and everyone else would be the least important.

I think that it will help after talking to all the publics to really decide where they go, and see how involved some of the board members are.

We are still working on our Brand Image. I am having a hard time working with photo-shop, but I think that we have some good ideas that will work well with all of the publics.

Finding the public….

February 23, 2008

A problem that I have run into as far as FHCC goes,  is finding out who are public is and who we are trying to target. I understand that they want more donors/volunteers, but I feel like that is such a broad are esp. when it comes to a health clinic. There are so many people you can ask for time, money, and products.

What is more important,  do you need more money, volunteers,  doctors, or pharmacy reps to donate drugs.  We are working on branding right now and I am finding it hard to pick a specific public. It is very key when picking your tag-line, and image, you want to use something that catches the “right eye”

I think that we def. need to talk to Megan and see what she needs most. Also we need to keep an open mind and use something that works for everyone but, at the same time use something that really stands out to the most important donor.

I think that after we get all the “little” stuff taken care of, it would be awesome to have some kind of benefit that ALL public’s can come to-including volunteers,  money donors,  doctors, nurses, pharmacist’s, pharmacy reps, and all of prospectives.  This would be beneficial for several reasons. 1. To show them that we care and appreciate what they are doing. 2. They can see how much time, money, help it really does take to run this clinic. 3. Get the potentials to talk to the people that are already doing stuff, and get them involved.  4. You would be able to show people some stats/results that will let people know a. there time/money is really worth while and b. FHCC does need help and it takes a lot to run.