Final Product

We FINALLY are all done with our branding image and public assignment.  It turned out well. I have really learned a lot through this process including:

1. Research is so important.-We did well because we researched the employees, company etc. to get a feel for what they would like. We researched other health clinics and trends.

2. The presentation matters. It was fun to present our project to Meghan and talk to her about what we had discovered.  I think it is hard for her because something that she likes the board might not like. 

3. Try to use something that is going to work well, long term.  You do not want this company to re-vamp who they are in two years.

4. Don’t just make an image-make a BRAND. That little 10 inch picture/saying has to go a long way.  Creating a brand can be a very long term project. 



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