Weekly Update

I have finally made contact with the board members this week, and this really helped to to understand FHCC better. I talked to the Pres. of the board and he helped get the clinic started, we discussed newsletters for awhile and I found out he had never gotten one. I think this newsletter is SO key!! We discussed what might be better between email and snail mail and there are several benefits to both.  Email would be very cost efficient especially being a free clinic, but, most of their public’s are older and do not use email. I would say BOTH! It is not going to cost anything to send an email too.

The chairman of the board was very friendly and really wanted the best for the clinic. I think he is very excited about the diabetes part of the clinic.  We got into fund-raising a little bit, and thinks they really need to have some type of an event.

I got the feeling that the board doesn’t have GREAT communication with the rest of the clinic including donors and volunteers.

We have got our branding project done and I am excited to see the final result on paper along with everyone else’s.


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